I represent TCC and Tulsa Tech honorably with the achievements made possible by the education I received. I earned an Associates of Applied Science degree, completed a 3D Design & Animation tech course, and a Digital Media and Web Technologies tech course. I need a degree from SCAD in order to complete my education and excel in a career of 3D animation.


I was awarded many certifications throughout my educational career as I strove for excellence.

ACA: Photoshop CS4, Flash CS4, Premiere CS5

Brainbench®: Flash 2004 MX, Basic Math, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop (CS and CS3).


I worked on a two-person team to make a 3D promotional video clip for Business Professionals of America in which we received a scholarship. My Dreamweaver class at TCC was given the assignment to make a mock up of a website and a logo, out of the entire class my logo was picked to represent the Higher Education Forum website. They also tasked me with the design of the mobile website.